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16,500 BTU  M16
24,000 BTU  M24
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Mermaid Condensator  Mermaid Condensator $235.00
Working on the "Venturi" principle, the Mermaid Condensator is installed in-line with the marine air conditioners water discharge line.  As the marine air conditioner and sea water pump are running, the device creates a vacuum effect and literally pulls the condensation water out of the drain pan, merges it with the discharge water, and your condensation is now overboard!  The principle here is to leave your boat a "dry boat" by removing all condensation from the marine air conditioners drain pan.


March LC3 PumpMarch LC-3CP-MD  510 GPH, 115v  $339.00 

(Cruisair /Marine Air Model PML500, PML500L, Marine Air P500, LunAire WPC500, Technicold TE500) This pump is the original OEM pump @ 510 Gallons per Hour to be used with no more than 7 foot vertical lift and 30 feet of overall hose.  This pump is liquid cooled. Exact Replacement for Cruisair Model # PML500L - 3/4" FPT - inlet,  1/2"MPT outlet.



March AC3 pumpAC-3CP-MD  630 GPH, 115v  $259.00  

This Air Cooled pump is 610 Gallons per Hour to be used with no more than 8 foot vertical lift and 45 feet of overall hose.  These legendary pumps feature open air, thermally protected and moisture protected motors. This is also a Replacement pump for "Marine Air Systems" Pump and Cruisair Model # PMA500 - 3/4" FPT - inlet,  1/2"MPT outlet.




March AC-5C-MD  1080 GPH available in 115 and 230 volt.

This is the OEM Original Pump PMA1000
This pump is ideal for multiple unit applications. These legendary pumps feature open air, thermally protected and moisture protected motors.
This is a direct a Replacement pump for
Marine Air Systems and Cruisair 115v Model # PMA1000 and PMA1000C for 230v
1" FPT - inlet,  1/2"MPT outlet.


pump relay panelPump Relay Panels -
Part # 2-PRP - (2) Unit Model List Price is $285 .
Our price $199
(They are Dual Voltage, for 110v or 230v)
2 unit shown with cover off.
Click window for 2 thru 6 unit model 2-6PRP.

2 or 6 unit


When it comes to marine air conditioning, selecting the most appropriate pump can be as important as selecting the most appropriate air conditioning unit for your boat. To determine the best pump for your application take the gallons per hour of the pump as the original reference point. For example, the March LC-3CP-MD pump is a 510 gallons per hour pump at a one foot vertical lift.

Each air conditioner requires a minimum of 250 gallons per hour to go through the heat exchanger (water coil) of the unit for optimal heat transfer (4.16 gallons/minute). In each air conditioner installation there is certain to be some vertical lift and horizontal length of hose. Use the calculation that every 10 feet of horizontal hose is equivalent to a one foot vertical lift. Using the lift chart below, ensure that you have the minimum requirement at the air conditioner.

MARCH  # 1-ft.  3-ft. 5-ft.  9-ft. 13-ft. Max Lift
LC-3CMD  510   490  405  365  140   13.0-ft.

MARCH # 1-ft. 3-ft. 6-ft.  12-ft. 18-ft. Max Lift

AC-3CMD  630   582  528  390    180   18.0-ft
AC-5CMD 1080  978  900  750    570

Call for 230 volt pumps.


6x6x4 Tee


6" x 6" x 4" Plastic Tee with Adj. Baffle






4" round grill


4" Round Plastic Supply Grill






8x6 transition box 


Air conditioning installation transtion boxes.





Teak Grill


Teak Grills - Call for pricing









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