5,200 BTU  M5
6,500 BTU  M6
9,000 BTU  M9
12,000 BTU  M12
16,500 BTU  M16
24,000 BTU  M24
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SeaRay 340 Cockpit A/C

PGA Cruisair Style Plastic Grills.

Proline 29

Hans Christian 45 - 8x6 Wedge Grill

Hans Christian 45 - 4x4  Wedge Grill

Teak Grill 4x4

A/C Unit and Ducting in hanging locker, supply air to 2 cabins and companionway.

March LC3 Pump

Rinker 250 - 2005 - M6

Maxum 29 2001

Baja 30
Baja 30 supply grills.

Jeaneau43   Jeaneau 43 2002.

searay48   SeaRay 48 Sedan 2004 flybridge A/C.

Installing the Air Conditioning Unit:
The air conditioner needs to be mounted in an area where it will physically fit, as well as accommodate a properly sized return air grill and any ducting or splitters (Wyes) which would be attached to the air output collar. In addition, you need to insure there is space for the water hoses to be connected.

When attaching the unit to the sole of the boat, the superstructure or a fabricated mounting shelf, always make absolutely positive that the length of the screws being used to mount the unit will not engage the hull. If there is any question as to whether the hull may be compromised, an alternative mounting method must be used or another mounting spot must be located.

SEE the Installation Manual for more details.

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